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Solution Web Canada
a division of Kebecweb

1129 rue De Meulles,
Saint-Bruno de Montarville, Qc (Canada)
J3V 3A4

Telephone :
Montreal region : 514 572-5072
Toll Free Canada and USA : 1 888 577-0830
France : +33 9 75 18 45 78

Solution Web Canada is a company registered since 2012 in the register of enterprises in Quebec, Canada. Solution Web Canada website began to exercise its services May 15, 2011.

Intellectual Property

All rights to this website belong to the company Solution Web Canada. Any reproduction, total or partial, of this website by any means whatsoever without permission is strictly prohibited.

Web Hosting

This website and all customer accounts on Solution Web Canada are hosted in OVH data centers in Montreal.

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