Details of the guarantees offered by Solution Web Canada.

Product Guarantee

Shared Web Hosting

All web hosting packages offered by Solution Web Canada include a full 30 day money back guarantee which begins on the day of the subscription (except if indicated otherwise on the package). To claim a refund, the client has to make the request from the customer area by opening a ticket. For hosting packages offering a free domain name, the value of the domain name will be subtracted from the amount refunded in order to prevent fraud and abuse.

Dedicated Web Hosting

All installations, security and management of dedicated servers by Solution Web Canada are offered with a full money back guarantee as long as you let us know your dissatisfaction within 30 days from the date of your subscription (unless indicated otherwise on the package). Initial server setup is not refundable (first monthly rental fee), as well as annual prepayments. Solution Web Canada is not responsible for any problems on your servers, which could be due to software you installed yourself. All interventions outside dedicated server management packages will be charged.

Domain Names

Les noms de domaines sont enregistrés au nom du client pour la période choisie lors de la commande et sont donc non remboursables. En tout temps, le client peut transférer son nom de domaine chez un autre registraire ou changer les DNS de celui-ci pour le faire pointer sur un autre serveur.

SSL Certificates

All SSL certificates issued through Solution Web Canada are covered with a full money back guarantee of 21 days. To do this, simply make the request from the customer area by opening a support ticket.

The only warranties for SSL products are offered by the issuing authorities only. Amounts are subject to error and change without notice. It is your responsibility to verify these. In no event Solution Web Canada can be held responsible for errors.

Web Development

Refunds are not offered on web development services and website design (unless otherwise agreed in prior writing authorization and agreed by both parties). An initial deposit is always required which is refundable well. All in order to ensure exceptional quality work on all the development done by the team at Solution Web Canada.


No refunds are offered on website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) development. No search engine ranking/position will be guaranteed. The evolution of a website in search engine ranking/positioning is determined by the customer's commitment to the process and actions taken by Solution Web Canada.

Hardware and Software

Server availability

Because of the instability of Internet networks, Solution Web Canada is unable to ensure 100% uptime availability of servers. But due to the quality of the infrastructure, Web Solution Canada ensures availability of at least 99.9%. However, offline times are expected for restarts due to maintenance and updates, or unforeseen equipment malfunction. All of this for the unique goal and the sole aim to always offer the best web hosting services on the market. For prolonged outages, a partial refund may be issued.

Scripts and software installed by the customer

Web Solution Canada makes no warranty on the scripts and software developed by the customer.

Hosted data

Solution Web Canada performs a full backup of the data on its servers every 24 hours. These backups are stored on external servers. In the event of a major problem and/or unforeseen circumstances, Solution Web Canada has the ability to restore the latest backup and in order to put the servers back online.

Canada Web Solution will not be held responsible for data loss and/or data corruption of customer accounts on the servers. The customer is responsible for the data stored on the server.

Customer Support

Solution Web Canada is committed to providing bilingual technical support, at the earliest, 24 hours a day via the client area through support tickets. Telephone support is only available during opening hours. Support is always faster during office hours.

Price Accuracy

The prices offered on Solution Web Canada’s website are indicated in the ordering section. Prices may slightly vary during payment due to currency conversion. All products and services are billed in Canadian dollars. Prices for SSL certificates, shared webhosting, domain names, new orders, and renewals are subject to change without notice. Shared web hosting renewals and domain name renewals are also subject to change without notice (unless prior statements, annual promotions, etc…).

Refund Policy

Refund processing methods are left to the discretion of Solution Web Canada. It is possible that Solution Web Canada chooses to reimburse the customer with a method other than the one the customer used to order the products and services. However, the majority of refunds are usually made with Paypal.

All warranties are subject to change without notice. At any time, Web Solution Canada can review and modify the above. It is your responsibility to come check them regularly. Solution Web Canada cannot be held responsible for your dissatisfaction due to matters specified in this agreement. For questions or any comments, please contact us.