Thawte SSL Certificates

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Get the green bar with the strongest encryption available so your site can be trusted.

259.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN

QuickSSL Premium

Get the best security, the green bar, and complete browser compatibility.

259.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN

True BusinessID
Premium Wildcard

A fully featured SSL certificate that secures multiple subdomains, centralizing management.

325.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN

True BusinessID EV

A complete SSL certificate with full encryption issued in moments at an affordable price.

45.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN


A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price.

25.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN

Essential Wildcard

Streamline your process and easily manage your domain and subdomains under the same SSL.

128.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN


Quick protection for 3 domains and the fewest validation steps. Add more domains at any time!

275.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN


Protect 3 domains and give users peace of mind to buy. Add more domains at any time!

275.00$ /QuickSSL Premium SAN

Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawte is a Certification Authority which was launched in South Africa in 1995 and was founded by Mark Shuttleworth. Thawte has since been acquired by Verisign in 2000. For many years, Thawte SSL issues certificates and has also been a pioneer in this field since it is Thawte who was the first organization to issue SSL certificates to third parties outside the United States. The company remains an important player and currently represents nearly one million SSL certificates issued in more than 250 countries.

SSL Certificate Evolution

Always at the forefront of advances in data security, Thawte sets itself aside once again in 2004 by establishing the international security of domain names. This significant advance has allowed users from all countries to benefit from reliable security including when they log on pages hosted on servers located abroad.

Certification Authority

The activity of Thawte is fully turned to the issuance of SSL certificates. The company has demonstrated, over and over again, professionalism and expertise in the field of SSL certificates. Because of this seniority in the issuance of SSL certification, Thawte is a quality alternative to secure a website with SSL.

Thawte 99% Compatible With Browsers

Thawte ensures compatibility with 99% of existing browsers. For completeness, it is worth noting that the 1% not supported is because of browser versions which are too old or browsers that don't include an acceptable security.

Evidence that a site is secured with Thawte

Like all secure connections, there are common points to all SSL certificates that have been issued by Thawte or other Certificate Authority. These signs are simple to detect and allow the browser to indicate that data exchanges are secured by SSL.

  • Check that the padlock which proves the secure connection is present in the address bar (far left).
  • Right next to the padlock, the http protocol is "https", indicating that the site has an SSL certificate installed for data encryption.
  • Thawte provides the ability to display a seal indicating that the site is secure, and even lets you control the information when obtaining the SSL certificate.
  • It is also possible to note the presence of indicators that signals additional data security. This increases respect for private life.
  • Une barre verte atteste que l'organisme qui a demandé la délivrance du certificat SSL.

Thawte a également demandé à étendre la validation à l'ensemble des informations concernant le site, à savoir que l'identité de la structure qui s'occupe du site internet a une existence vérifiable dans les différents registres des entreprises et organisations. Recommandé pour les institutions et les sites qui souhaite se préserver de toute attaque malveillante, la barre verte est un gage d'une réelle démarche sécuritaire respectueuse de la vie privée des visiteurs.

Certificats Thawte

Faire appel aux certificats SSL délivrés par Thawte assure de présenter tous les éléments indispensables pour que les visiteurs d'un site se sentent en confiance. Ainsi rassurés par la sécurisation des données échangées, les clients sont fidélisés et reviennent faire des achats sur le site. La présence du sceau de certification Thawte permet également de favoriser le premier achat en offrant toutes les garanties quant à la confidentialité des échanges d'informations ce qui est particulièrement important lorsqu'intervient la phase de commande qui va donner lieu au paiement en ligne.